Tired of working out of the gym, gripping the same old sweaty exercise equipment used by thousands of people before you? Or are you getting tired of paying gym fees month after month after month, and then finding that your schedule doesn’t allow you to get to the gym at all? Then it’s time to consider setting up a home gym. Sure, it involves an upfront investment, but if you perform a cost comparison of the cost of home gym equipment vs. the cost of gym fees, you’ll likely find you can recover your initial investment in less than a year. And then you’ll be working out for free for years to come!

But what types of fitness equipment should you include in your home gym? For a complete workout, you’ll need to include both cardiovascular exercise and resistance training. You can accomplish both by investing in one of the complete home gyms such as the Bowflex Ultimate 2 that features resistance exercises and a built-in rowing machine for cardio, but that machine will set you back a couple of thousand dollars. The Chuck Norris Total Gym is the “lite” version of the Bowflex, but still runs about a thousand dollars even when offered on sale.

So if your budget is tight, we would recommend investing in one good cardio machine. This could be a treadmill, indoor cycling bike, recumbent exercise bike, elliptical trainer, stair climbing machine or a rowing machine. It just depends which type of cardio machine best fits your budget, and your lifestyle.

You can supplement your cardio exercise with a set of dumbbells to perform your strength training workouts. But dumbbells don’t usually come with a workout routine, so you’ll need to either design your own strength training workout or follow somebody else’s. There are plenty of strength training DVDs on the market to walk you through a home weight training workout, or you can follow some of the strength training workouts described on this website.

If your exercise budget is really strapped and you can’t swing the investment for any fitness equipment at all, then start your home fitness routine by making the most of your Nintendo Wii. If you already own the Wii gaming console, you can purchase the Wii Fit Plus software and balance board for less than $100 at Amazon.

How To Choose A Cardio Machine

We mentioned above that there are a half-dozen different types of cardio exercise machines that will get your heart rate up and burn calories. Choosing one is really a matter of personal preference.

First, ask yourself what kind of cardio exercise you enjoy outdoors. If you are already a runner, then a treadmill makes perfect sense for the days when the weather does not allow for an outdoor workout. Enjoying biking? Then an indoor cycling bike (or spinning bike) would be the perfect cardio machine for your home gym. If you have a weak lower back, a recumbent exercise bike with a bucket-style seat is a great exercise choice. The elliptical trainer is the cardio machine of choice for many fitness beginners, while fitness veterans might enjoy the challenge of a home rowing machine.

We have reviewed many of the different brands of home fitness equipment such as Schwinn, NordicTrack, Nautilus, Body Solid, Bowflex and more. Some of these reviews are listed below, but check back frequently as we add more reviews of the best home fitness equipment.

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