Chuck Norris Home Gym

Chuck Norris Total Gym

If you have ever been channel surfing on a Sunday morning, chances are you have run across the famous infomercial for the Chuck Norris Total Gym. If not, you should know that the Total Gym is a piece of fitness equipment designed to give the home user an overall body workout, including strength training and cardio. The Total Gym has been endorsed by Chuck Norris (actor), and Christie Brinkley (model), who have both been using it for years.

Is the Total Gym the best piece of home fitness equipment for you? Well, that depends a bit on your personal fitness goals. Let’s take a look at some of the facts, as well as the pros, cons and customer reviews of the Total Gym and then you can decide for yourself if you think the Total Gym is worth the price.

Facts About The Chuck Norris Total Gym

There are 3 different models for the Total Gym:
· Total Gym 2000
· Total Gym 3000
· Total Gym XLS.

All of the above models are designed to provide muscle toning and cardio benefits, and they all offer the following features: no assembly required, fold-up storage, an instructional DVD and a lifetime warranty on the frame of the machine. All of the Total Gym models are available with free shipping and interest-free payment plans. But as you can expect, the models vary between features offered and price.

The Total Gym 2000 is a basic entry-level workout machine that will provide some cardio benefits as well as muscle toning with 40 different exercises. It has a maximum user weight of 250 pounds. The cost of the Total Gym 2000 is about $600, and a 30-day trial offer is available for $49.

The Total Gym 3000 is a mid-level fitness machine with a few more features than the 2000 model, including a squat stand and wing attachment. The 3000 model offers 60 different exercises, has a maximum user weight of 300 pounds, and costs about $850 when on sale, with a 30-day trial offer for $25.

The Total Gym XLS is the top of the line model, offering 80 different exercises including a Pilates workout designed by Christie Brinkley and a nutritional program. The XLS is a beefed-up version of the Total Gym, offering a better warranty than the two lesser models, and supporting a maximum user weight of 400 pounds. The Total Gym XLS costs about $1450 when it’s on sale, and is available with a 30-day trial offer for $1. But you can also find the Total Gym XLS offered at Amazon for about $800, but without the trial offer.

Pros of the Total Gym:

* Space saving. If you only have room in your apartment for one piece of fitness equipment, the Total Gym offers both cardio and weight training benefits in one exercise machine that folds to about the size of an ironing board.

* Efficient. The exercises on the Total Gym are designed to deliver a 10-20 minute workout.

* Good value. The cost of a home gym amortized over 5-10 years is a fraction of the cost of most gym membership fees.

Cons of the Total Gym:

* Not great for weight loss. An effective weight loss program is going to require more cardio workouts than are offered by the Total Gym. The basic models don’t even include a nutrition plan, which is responsible for 60%-70% of weight loss results.

* Not for bodybuilders. Most customers use the Total Gym for light fitness. If your goal is competitive fitness, you will need more varied resistance training than is offered by the Total Gym.

Customer Reviews of the Total Gym XLS:

“My wife and I were very happy when we received this product with minimal setup (10 minutes) and we were following the DVD moments afterward. What a great workout! We also have a Bowflex, but this new equipment can do things the Bowflex can’t. We use them in unison and recommend the Total Gym to anyone willing to workout 15 minutes every other day.”

“Easy to use right out of the box. It is heavy, but definitely manageable. There is a start up DVD that shows you exactly how to set it up right out of the box. You will be working out with in less than 30 minutes”

“I ended up purchasing after-market wheel/bearing from Huck Products for $75 (inc S/H). The machine now feels like I had expected, better than original. Butter smooth.”

Editors’ Opinion of the Chuck Norris Total Gym
We feel the Total Gym is a good exercise machine for women who want to tone muscle without bulking up. It would be a great strength training option, but needs to be combined with another form of cardio and a sound nutritional plan in order to see weight loss results. If you decide the Total Gym is the best piece of home gym equipment for your fitness needs, you’ll get the best price at Amazon.