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Review of Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers is one of the oldest, and best known, weight management systems. At the core of the program is a low-carbohydrate protein based diet that now encourages the consumption of unlimited fruits and vegetables. But rather than counting calories, the Weight Watchers eating plan assigns a point value to certain foods and requires participants to eat an allotted number of points per day. Read a full review of Weight Watchers.

Review of the Mediterranean Diet (Sonoma Diet)

The Mediterranean Diet gets it name from the regions surrounding the Mediterranean Sea, namely Southern Italy, Crete, and Greece where the temperate climate has produced healthy food, and healthy people, for centuries. The people in the Mediterranean regions have feasted on fruits, vegetables, fish, very little red meat and plenty of unsaturated fat from olive oil and avocados. This diet has produced not only a decrease in coronary heart disease, but a decrease in waistlines, as well. The principles of the Mediterranean Diet have recently been published as the Sonoma Diet. Read a full review of the Mediterranean Diet.

Review of Jenny Craig

The Jenny Craig weight loss program originated in Australia and has found its way to the US, Canada, New Zealand and Puerto Rico. It is a personalized approach to weight loss, with each participant having an initial one-on-one consultation with a Jenny Craig representative, either in person at a local Jenny Craig weight loss center, or over the phone if the participant is using the online weight loss option. The weight loss program included prepackaged food delivered to the user’s home that is designed to provide proper nutrition while restricting calories and high glycemic foods. Exercise and ongoing consultations are also part of the Jenny Craig program. Read a full review of Jenny Craig vs NutriSystem.

Review of Nutrisystem

NutriSystem is a diet program that is also based on the concept of prepackaged food delivered directly to the user’s home. Unlike the Jenny Craig program, it does not include the one-on-one initial consultation and personalized weight loss plan. It is designed primarily for busy people who want to lose weight, but simply want somebody to provide them with the appropriate diet food. Read a comparison of NutriSystem vs Jenny Craig.

Review of Slim Fast

Slim Fast is the ultra-easy diet plan that is based on the concept of meal replacement shakes. The Slim fast motto is: “a shake for breakfast, a shake for lunch and a sensible dinner”, and that’s about all there is to it. The Slim Fast shakes can be purchased at most grocery stores, making the program convenient and affordable. Read a review of Slim Fast.

Review of South Beach Diet

Once the hottest diet to hit the bookstores, the South Beach Diet continues to attract new users every year. The diet was originally developed by a doctor in South Beach (Miami, Florida) to assist his patients in losing weight. Known as a low-carb diet, the South Beach diet virtually eliminated the intake of carbohydrates during the 2-week induction phase, and while it adds a few carbs back in after that, the diet continues to emphasize high protein food choices over most carbohydrates. Read a full review of the South Beach Diet.

Review of Atkins Diet

The Atkins Diet was one of the original “high-protein low-carb” diets, made popular by a book written by the diet’s creator, Dr. Atkins. The diet quickly gained popularity, but waned a bit after the founder’s death. The Atkins Diet has become a bit obsolete, with the rising popularity of low-carb diets that also preach the virtues of low fat.

Review of Dean Ornish Eating Plan

The Dean Ornish eating plan was also developed by a doctor, who does not consider his vegetarian eating plan to be a diet, but rather a lifestyle choice. This food plan provides low fat protein through the consumption of beans, legumes, nuts, seeds and low fat dairy products. It does not include meat, fish or poultry, but encourages the user to eat many different fruits and vegetables for fiber and nutrition. The eating plan was developed to help reverse heart disease, and serves as a weight management program as well. Read a review of the Dean Ornish eating plan.

Reviews of The Best Diet Pills

If you would like to learn more about fat burners, appetite suppressants, acai berry, green tea, and Alli, the popular fat blocking pill, read a review of the Best Diet Pills.

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